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Oman National ("Dirty Dozen") MTB Race Series - Round 2 Results

By Lake Arapakis

Dirt Lovers!!

What a day and what a race!!

Definitely one of the harder days on the racing calendar and a big shout of congratulations to all of you who took it on. Some stellar performances yesterday and the course certianly did not fail to challenge.

Yuri Lipkov becomes the first rider to ever climb the first hill out of Al Salil without dismounting and he also went on to take the line honours for the men. Steve Ross and Tomislav Nesovanic followed in second and third, respectively. Well done gents!

For the ladies, Lizzie Jolley put in a massive effort to finish the course and demonstrated the true grit demanded to complete such a challenge. Excellent job Lizzie - inspiring!! And she has now tied the ladies points for the season. It's going to be a great battle to see who takes out the ladies championship.

The field definitely had their day cut out for them. The rough patches of the track offered some technical challenge and the slow rise along the Power Line certanily put hurt on the racers legs as they made for the finish.

And well done to Randall Bernard who went on to finish in style.

A great day of racing!! And a huge well done to you all. Full results appear at the bottom of this message. Many thanks to Ian Gray for yet another super job at timekeeping, and to Bob Tunbridge for marshaling of the crucial turn from the singletrack section onto the Arqi Loop.

And now onto the downside of the day. As the Race Organizer I do my best to host these races and present the route as best as I can. Unfortunately there were no extra hands to assist in the route marking, so it me the better part of two days to complete the course. To add to my frustration, the labour company from which I was hoping to get marshals failed to get back to me leaving me very short of marshals. To compound the issues, the local kids decided it would be funny to redirect you lot into a gully on one turn and in other areas completely removed the markings. Thankfully I managd to correct the markings to the gully in time so you all managed to make that turn correctly. However, further down the track some villagers thought to completely remove the markings and red/white tape at a crucial turn resulting in some of you missing a crucial turn. It's not the first time we have fallen vistim to their ways and hence the need for a thorough marshaling plan during the TransHajar.

Sadly, there really is nothing I can do to prevent these sorts of things from happening. I do my best to ensure that the route is well marked and that the markings are all in position during the course of a race. I spent yesterday racing all over the route as both Marshal and making corrections to the route markings as best I could. However, it takes more than one man to organise these races and ensure the route is correctly marked.

And since no one except Bob and Margaret come forth to marshal, I am forced to turn to a completely different technology and route marking system to host these races. It is not ideal but without the marshals in place it is impossible to host these bigger stages. I will keep you all posted. Due to a clash in dates with the Wahiba Challenge, I am canceling the next round which would have taken place on November 23rd.

In the meanwhile, keep training!
See you all on the 7th December.




GCRace #CatNameLap timeBehind winnerGap from prevPoints
195MYuri LipKov01:46:0760
2118MSteve Ross02:03:1400:17:0700:17:0750
393MTomislav Nesovanic02:05:2700:19:2000:02:1340
479MBert Michels02:06:0900:20:0200:00:4235
590MAnthony Hickson02:06:1600:20:0900:00:0632
777MDave Mitchell02:08:4900:22:4200:01:5528
860MJo McCarthy02:09:1300:23:0600:00:2426
9109MPeye Vlot02:14:4900:28:4200:05:3625
1091MGlen Osmond02:15:1400:29:0700:00:2624
1184MGareth Baston02:19:4500:33:3700:04:3023
1289MNebojsa Pavlovic02:21:5800:35:5100:02:1322
1394MEnyer Mata02:22:1600:36:0900:00:1821
1488MMartyn Harris02:24:0600:37:5900:01:5020
1582MJohn Gill02:28:2500:42:1800:04:1919
16122MStephen Prince02:49:0501:02:5800:20:4018
1771MPeter White02:49:0901:03:0100:00:0417
18105MRandal Bernard03:02:2301:16:1600:13:1416
1978MPrince Roco03:20:5201:34:4500:18:2915
2081MWaleed Sayed03:20:5601:34:4900:00:0414
21106MTim Kemp03:26:0301:39:5600:05:0813
2286MHassan Al Tai03:29:2801:43:2000:03:2012
80MTariq BarwaniDNF


GCRace #CatNameLap timeBehind winnerGap from prevPoints
1107FLizzie Jolley03:26:0801:40:0100:00:0460

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